Type of Teaching

We offer children a respectful accompaniment based on active pedagogy, in an international and intercultural context. We believe in education for responsible freedom and the development of critical and independent thinking.
We understand learning and growth as global processes that include the various dimensions of being: physical, cognitive, emotional, creative, moral, spiritual, social…
For us, the desire to learn is an innate engine of development in the human being; we accompany the children so that they find the internal motivation that will guide them, and we seek together with them the tools that will allow them to face their own learning processes in an autonomous way.
We believe that development is a unique process for each person, so we carefully observe the children in order to identify their authentic needs, and based on this we offer them learning opportunities carefully adjusted to their abilities, interests and vital moment.
We consider it a real need for children to be able to adapt to the society in which they live in order to become fully integrated adults in it; in this sense, the accompanying adults open “windows to the world” including in our daily proposals those academic contents that they may need in their educational process beyond their time at MAS.
At the same time, we generate spaces in which different perspectives and ways of understanding the world are analyzed, respecting each one’s vision, so that the children develop their capacity for reflection, as well as their own points of view, emphasizing in the process the importance of building informed and well-founded criteria.
We understand the school as a collective where all parties must respect each other, coordinate and dialogue in order to carry out a respectful accompaniment of the children in an environment adequately prepared for their integral development. Our proposal is driven by an educational community in which cooperative work and coeducation between family and school are vital.
Our wish for the children of MAS is that they become respectful, independent, informed, complete, capable, expressive and cooperative adults.

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