Our Team

The MAS pedagogical team is one of our strengths. Our accompanying adults become part of the MAS family after a careful selection process. Their training, talent and personal qualities make them ideal to work with our methodology. Their commitment to the project and to their own professional process is exceptional, and as a result they are one of the great driving forces in the daily life of the school. They offer the children and their families a quality accompaniment based on respect and acceptance of each child’s being, putting knowledge, responsibility and heart into their work.
Our staff is trained to accompany with respect the diversity in the school, whether physical, cognitive, emotional or cultural. They carefully observe each child, taking the utmost care to offer proposals adapted and adjusted to each individual as well as to the group they work with.
They recognize the importance of social and emotional development, and accompany it in a cross-cutting manner at all times of the day.
They actively reflect and research, individually and in groups, on the pedagogical line of the school, looking for the best way to apply it in each situation, thus feeding the evolution of the methodology of MAS.


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