Learning Methodology

Our methodology involves giving children a leading and active role in the classroom; activities and pedagogical materials are proposed to them, taking care of the transition process from concrete experiences to abstract thinking, and seeking the connection between action and experiences and the world of ideas. All this is carried out in an environment specially prepared to meet their developmental needs, in which moments of spontaneous activity alternate with proposals from the accompanying adults, seeking a balance in all areas.
Autonomy and self-esteem are promoted as fundamental bases for self-knowledge and lifelong learning.
Respect is a key value that allows for a healthy and relaxed learning environment. We encourage the development of emotional and social skills, applying the principles of non-violent communication and active listening.
Our school environment is set up with differentiated zones by learning and development areas, with pedagogical materials on display and available for both girls and boys. Many of our structured materials are Montessori, although we also use other manipulative materials. In this environment, we offer varied learning experiences, from the proposals more related to the affective sensory-motor experimentation that predominate in infancy, to the more complex ones, such as constructions, small projects of a personal and progressively group character, which appear in primary school, reaching in secondary school increasing degrees of abstraction and depth, and more open to the understanding of the world and society.

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