What is MAS?

Madrid Active School International School was born 10 years ago, thanks to the collective effort of several families and education professionals, with the aim of offering an educational model based on active pedagogy, according to which girls and boys learn by doing, and are the central element of the learning method, with their interests, abilities and individual characteristics. The key words that define our values are: Respect, Inclusion, Responsible freedom, Trust, Participation, Commitment, Openness, Sustainability and Enthusiasm. 
Our references are mainly schools along the lines of the work done by Rebeca and Mauricio Wild at Pestalozzi (Ecuador). By the very origin of this type of pedagogy, another great influence for us is Maria Montessori, especially in terms of the vision of childhood, as well as in what refers to the general methodological lines. We see the development of children from a constructivist perspective (they actively construct their understanding of the world in which they live). 
In the social and emotional accompaniment we are inspired by humanistic currents and we consider the principles of Non Violent Communication and active listening as indispensable tools.
Madrid Active School is an international school authorized as a U.S. foreign school by the Community of Madrid.
We are the first active school accredited in Spain by the prestigious New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).
We offer the educational levels of second cycle of kindergarten, primary and secondary (from 1st to 4th of ESO).
From 3rd ESO onwards, we offer students who wish to prepare as private candidates for the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), through the Cambridge University Press & Assessment organization.
Our project has the solidity of experience; we have been operating since 2010, first as Nidia project and then as Madrid Active School.

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