Open Day – Garden Party, June 20th!!!

Open Day – Garden Party, June 20th!!!

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Saturday June 20th, you’re welcome to join us 17h-21h:

Casita_pq At 17h00, there will be an informative  presentation given by the founding family members: “Madrid Active School, a school based on active education” and guided visit of the school. You can make your reservation at:

At 18h and 19h o clock, there will be a craft workshop for children and a workshop for adults on how to make sun creamYou can make your reservation at:

We also invite you to spend the afternoon in our garden, where there will be face painting, storytelling, fun and games with water, food, stalls with new and second hand goods: children’s clothes, articles related to childcaretoys, didatic materials and handcrafts… all profits will be invested in the project.


If you would like to donate anything to the market (children’s clothes, toys etc. in a good condition), or if you would like to help us prepare the market, you can get in touch with us at o 607305248.

This is a sustainable event: if you are coming for lunch you can bring your own plate, glass and knife/fork :-)

Come and join us at Antonio Reig 6 (metro: Valdezarza & Antonio Machado, bus: 64, 32, 126, 127, 132 y 137)



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