Afternoon playgroup

IMAGEN grupo juego

This afternoon playgroup in MAS emerged out of the desire to provide a space where parents with children between the ages of 1 and 3 years could learn about accompanying their children.

We aim to provide a space where children’s developmental needs are respected and where they can learn for themselves in a prepared environment, while also giving the adult the chance to experience first hand how to accompany their child according to the principles of active education: that is, how to be present without interfering with the child’s spontaneous play and without directing their activity.

In this space children can play and freely interact with the environment and other children in the presence of their parents. An experienced educator trained in active education coordinates the group activity and offers parents the chance to get to know our vision of education with regards to every day questions that arise within the families (limits, accompanying of the emotions, non directive education).

Where: Madrid Active School, Calle Antonio Reig 6

When: Wednesdays 16:30-19:30

Investment: 45 €/month (you can come just for one day for 11 euros and see how you like it)

Information and suscription: 627810121 or