The school is open to society and aspires to offer high quality education in the city, offering a compatible timetable with the child’s needs and the working requirements of their families, as well as providing a solution to the ever increasing demand for innovative education. The project is made up of the following sections:

Timetable: from 9h-9h30 to 14h45-15h or 16h (with a self-managed school meal service in line with regulations).

  • School activities for children: a space for children to play, interact and learn in the mornings accompanied by teachers trained in Montessori teaching methods and active learning in a specially prepared environment on the premises of Madrid Active School, and in places we consider to be of interest for school trips, preferably natural environments.

Timetable: 15h30 – 20h30 and weekends.

  • Activities for families with children: afternoon groups, parents can come with their children to take part in activities that share our philosophy (parent and toddler groups, playgroups guided by a teacher trained in Montessori teaching and active learning).
  • Activities for parents, discussion groups promoting reflection about education and the upbringing of our children.
  • Activities for parents, teachers and for those interested in education methods related to our project. For example, we invite people with experience to our school to give talks, courses etc.
  • Time for anyone interested in learning from us: we dedicate as much time as we can to answering questions in-person, by mail or telephone, sharing our experience and showing our school.