Profile of our students and families

The project was created out of parents’ need to provide a space for their children to share and evolve according to the active learning philosophies. It is directed at all those with an interest in the project in several ways: parents from any nationality looking for a respectful place for their children to develop integrally as human beings, families wanting to share the upbringing of their children with like-minded people, parents and teachers who want to evolve and learn together alongside the children, people starting similar projects and people who want to know about our experience.

The school is directed specifically to families who are closely involved in the education of their children and who respect and attend to the child as an individual while being prepared to learn together how to create social harmony through their own experience. It is envisaged as a project for families who want to evolve together within this method of education, who are prepared to work closely with teachers providing a place of transition between the home and society, allowing time and space for adaptation making separation as smooth as possible (presence of the adult is controlled).